Amazing Life Mission


We are all born caterpillars. We start out crawling along the ground before we learn to walk run and jump. This is true of our physical development, but what about our intellectual, spiritual, financial and emotional development. Too often, these do not follow the same pattern of our physical selves.

The caterpillar by instinct forms a cocoon and transforms to the butterfly. For us it is not so easy. We go to school and learn what and when the teachers tell us we must. Then we go out into the world to try to make our way. We all long to become butterflies and soar through the air of life, but find that we simply do not have the knowledge needed to make that happen.


We are here to provide you with the tools to transform yourself from the caterpillar to the butterfly and create your own Amazing Life. What that looks like is different for everyone. What is up to you, how is why you are here. You know that you want an amazing life but lack the tools to build it. The most important tool you can have is knowledge. We strive to provide a place where you can come to learn at your pace on your schedule.